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Marlboro is a township in Monmouth County, NJ, which derives its name from the ‘marl’ found in soil in the area. The former farming community is a large residential area where the quality of life plays a large role. Homeowners and residents of Marlboro benefit from access to certified NJ home inspector services provided by Jersey Strong Home Inspection, the local Monmouth County NJ home inspections authority.

About Marlboro NJ

The Lenape Indians were the first known settlers of Marlboro, NJ. As well as Marlboro NJ Map For Home Inspectionsthroughout Monmouth County. The Lenape hunted and farmed in the area, sharing the land with the Dutch before they were eventually pushed out. The Dutch, Scottish, and English used the marl found in the area to fertilize their land. ‘Marl’ became the first industry in the area, sold nearby and around the country for use primarily in fertilizers.

Marlboro, NJ, in many ways, is a leader in the state and on the Eastern Seaboard in terms of making efforts to reduce carbon emissions. In 2009, a large solar array was installed. This remains one of the largest solar arrays on the East Coast. As a result, the township’s energy is 40% green. Marlboro is on the Sierra Club’s list of “cool cities” due to its dedication to climate action. Efficiency is a priority for many resident homeowners, and they know they can count on expert local home inspection services provided by Jersey Strong Home Inspection.

Marlboro borders several nearby Monmouth County, New Jersey towns, including Colts Neck, Englishtown, and Holmdel. Also, our home town Morganville is an unincorporated community within Marlboro.

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The team at Jersey Strong Home Inspection serves the healthy lifestyle of residents in the area. In addition to a standard NJ home inspection, Jersey Strong can inspect for termite damage, mold and/or the presence of radon. Jersey Strong is also the experienced authority for ‘Vintage Home Inspections.’ Let Jersey Strong Home INspection provide local Monmouth County, NJ, home inspection expertise to keep your home safe and healthy.