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Jersey Strong Home Inspection highly recommends performing a Buried Tank Sweep and Oil Tank Inspection to determine if a tank is present.  We can do the tank sweep anywhere in Central NJ at the time of your home inspection. We offer a package rate that can save the buyer both time and money.

We recommend a Tank Sweep and Tank Inspection as older homes were commonly heated with oil and fuel. Many times the oil tanks were buried on the property leaving them susceptible to the elements. Over time buried Oil Tanks can degrade, rust, and ultimately leak oil. This can result in a potentially large environmental hazard and large cost of cleanup. Once the buyer of the house takes ownership, this potential hazard becomes their responsibility and can result in a large financial liability.


Locating Buried Oil Tanks in Monmouth County NJ


To locate the tanks, we offer a Tank Sweep and Buried Tank Inspection services. Initially, we perform a visual inspection in the accessible areas of the exterior and interior looking for oil tank caps, fill pipes, vent pipes, copper lines or remnants of copper lines at the basement wall, floor or any other possible signs of a previous oil tank. After the visual inspection is complete, we use industry-standard metal detectors to scan the accessible exterior area and mark the area where any high levels of metal might be detected. This area is then probed to determine if it is metal and then marked in the approximate shape.

Occasionally we have located secondary tanks, even though documentation provided indicated that an oil tank was already removed. Therefore, it is in the buyers’ best interest to have this service performed at the time of inspection, especially for older homes.

Oil Tank Inspection reports will include photos indicating the location of a buried structure, findings, and recommendations.

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