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Termite Inspection Morganville Monmouth County NJWood-destroying insects (often abbreviated WDIs) can do extensive damage to a home if left unchecked and permitted to continue for a period of time. Almost every NJ home is potentially susceptible to these insects. The four types of insects commonly referred to as wood-destroying insects are termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and wood-boring beetles. In order to perform Monmouth County NJ Termite Inspections and Wood Destroying Insect (WDI) inspections, ­most lenders will require that the inspector is also licensed to apply chemicals. Some home inspectors are NJ-licensed pesticide applicators, although we at Jersey Strong don’t apply pesticides professionally.

Termite and other wood-destroying insect inspections are one of Jersey Strong Home Inspection’s many inspection services that we offer in Monmouth County NJ and throughout the surrounding area towns. Jersey Strong Home Inspection offers a visual wood-destroying insect (WDI) inspection that can be performed with or without a general home inspection.

A WDI inspection covers the visually accessible areas of a home. Our inspection will review areas that are currently infected, have previous damage, and point out conditions that could lead to future damage. This inspection checks, but is not limited to the door, and window framings, foundation, wood joists, and basement area. Other areas checked, which can harbor insects, include firewood and various debris stored against a home. Vegetation in contact with the house, wood siding contact with the soil, and grade, which does not slope away from the foundation, are other areas of concern.

Most issues, if brought to the attention of the homeowner, or home buyers, can be repaired and treated. We recommend a Central NJ Termite Inspection and all types of wood-destroying insect inspections throughout NJ with all of our home inspections.

We can provide the NPMA-33 report which is required by FHA, VA, and other mortgage companies.

These photos are from actual home inspections we have performed in Freehold, Toms River, and Morganville NJ.


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Jersey Strong Home Inspection, LLC is a professionally licensed home inspector company offering the top Monmouth County NJ home inspections. Purchasing a new home is a huge investment and may seem overwhelming. As a local Morganville NJ Home Inspector, Jersey Strong Home Inspection offers experience and peace of mind by thoroughly examining your prospective home’s structural and mechanical components. We offer home inspections, including for Vintage or Older Homes, termite inspections, radon testing, and tank sweep inspections.