Older Home Inspector Vintage Home Inspector Matawan NJ

Vintage homes (75+ years) in Matawan, NJ often have considerable charm and character to theOld Vintage Home Inspector Matawan NJ naked eye. High ceilings, plaster walls, solid plank floors, oversized wood moldings, and beautiful craftmanship are all very appealing. Older homes or buildings can also possess major issues that can only be identified with a detailed home inspection by a qualified, experienced vintage property inspector/vintage home inspector. Jersey Strong Home Inspection has performed inspections on a variety of old-style homes which includes but are not limited to; Victorian, Tutor Revival, Dutch Colonial, American Colonial, Saltbox, Queen Anne, Mansard and Bungalows.

Vintage Home Inspection | Old Home Inspection Matawan NJ

When inspecting an older historic or vintage home in Matawan, NJ we take our time and pay special attention to problems typically specific to older constructed homes. Several areas of concern are as follows; however, they do not encompass all areas that Jersey Strong Home Inspection evaluates:

• Structural defects that can occur due to age, water or moisture entry, insect damage, improper repairs, old unstable supports, and shifting foundations whether from old brick or fieldstone walls.
• Old, outdated, and often unsafe electrical systems that may be present. Some examples may include knob and tube wiring, aluminum wiring, cloth insulated wiring, frayed or damaged service entry, 2-prong ungrounded outlets, fuses, and undersized electrical panels.
• Heating systems that can be an issue with older homes. Boilers and furnaces can be either oil or natural gas. Common issues include old, buried oil tanks which can leak, rusty or leaking radiators, inefficient boilers or furnaces, asbestos insulation on hot water pipes, and improper or unsafe venting.
• Household plumbing in vintage homes may have multiple areas of concern. These include but are not limited to cracks in old cast iron drain lines, lead pipe supply lines, galvanized water lines that clog, leaking or damaged faucets, sinks, and toilets.

Choose An Experienced Vintage Property Inspector

Consider using an experienced licensed home inspector, such as Jersey Strong Home Inspection, for your vintage home or building evaluation. We have evaluated and inspected older homes and buildings dating back to the 1700s. And we have inspected thousands of homes and commercial properties throughout New Jersey.