Pre-Listing Inspection for the NJ Home Seller

The Importance of a Pre-Listing Inspection for the NJ Home Seller

Hiring a professional home inspector is a smart choice in your home selling journey and offers an advantage to the seller.

A pre-listing inspection enables the seller to learn the true conditions of their home and allows time to correct the issues prior to listing the property for sale. Don’t wait until your buyer conducts their home inspection and rush to have your home repaired in time.

Issues identified by the buyer’s inspector often result in delays or even cancellation of the sale of the home. Place your property on the market with confidence; knowing that your home is priced and ready to sell.

Additionally, a pre-listing inspection may reduce or possibly eliminate negotiations due to repairs, saving the seller much time and minimizing stress.


What Does a Pre-Listing Inspection Cover?

The pre-listing inspection is the same as the inspection process for the buyer.  The structure, walkways, roof, attic, mechanical, plumbing, electrical systems, HVAC systems, water damage, major appliances, and many other areas are inspected and tested. Wood destroying insect damages are checked and included in the report. Radon testing, tank sweeps, and other services are also available.

Some Common Issues Found During a Inspection

  • Electrical: Open junction boxes, improper or unsafe wiring, fuses, aluminum wiring, corrosion in the panel.
  • Exterior and Grounds: Exterior condition, poor grading, lifting walkways, damaged driveway.
  • Basement: Mold or mildew, water entry, lack of a needed sump pump
  • Roof: Damaged or aged shingles, too many layers, damaged sheathing, damaged gutters or downspouts
  • Foundation: Cracks in foundation, sloping floors, unsafe temporary floor supports, and water entry
  • Plumbing: Leaks, water damage, corrosion on or aged cast iron drains, old leaking water heater


Major defects, non-functioning items and safety issues will be inspected and detailed in the report.  Any issues can be discussed with the inspector. Some of the repairs or general maintenance issue could be addressed by the homeowner, while others will require a professional or licensed contractor to repair. With advanced notice the seller has ample time to decide whether to repair or replace any areas of concern in the report.


Central NJ Pre-Listing Home Inspections by Jersey Strong

Conducting a pre-listing home inspection keeps you one step ahead as a home seller.

Identifying repairs that are needed prior to placing your home on the market, ensures that when prospective buyers conduct their inspection, there will be less stress, less negotiation, and an overall more positive experience for both the seller and the buyer.

Contact Jersey Strong Home Inspection today to see how we can help with all your Central NJ pre-listing inspection needs!